Yong Green Food

Tonight I went out for dinner with a friend and she introduced me to this amazing new cafe called, “Yong Green Food.”  It’s in Brunswick Street in Fitzroy.  I’m blogging about it because it was awesome.  There aren’t many cafes that serve raw food and this one has a raw menu and everything else is Vegan but cooked.  We both had an Almond milk with Agave for a drink to start off with.  It had weird bits in it that tickled my throat so I probably wont have that again but it tasted nice.  I also ordered a Raw Sandwich.  They didn’t have a very detailed menu with what the bread was made of etc.  but it was delicious!  I also had my first ever Raw Cheesecake and this one just happened to be Blueberry flavour.  All of this has inspired me to explore more Raw food and makes me want to go back.  I highly recommend them.

They had friendly staff and a great environment that they played great… I think it was drum music.  Jungle beats?   I can’t remember, the company was more important, but it was pleasant and helped us relax and enjoy ourselves.

Thanks for taking me there Cate.  It was so good to catch up after all this time.  x

Cafe Address:

421 Brunswick Street, Fitzroy.


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