One of the biggest things that people don’t get a grip on before they embark on their weightloss journey (besides understanding emotional eating) is HABITS.

If you are overweight and need to make changes in your life so that you can live a healthier, more vibrant life with a longer life expectancy, then you need to start looking at the habits that have made you the kind of person you are today.  I grew up in a household where love equated to large amounts of food being consumed.  My mother loved me with food, therefor everytime I needed love I reached for food.  This became a life-long habit.  A habit that got harder to change the more I did it and the older I got.  It becomes like cement, once it’s set it can’t be changed.   It’s that hard to change a habit.  We need emotional sledge hammers to bust up the cement and start again.  Your sledge hammers are WILL POWER, FOCUS and DETERMINATION.  Yes you’ve got to want change that badly.

Once again I will advocate Hypnotherapy here.  It was the thing for me that got me to change my habits.  It strengthened my will power, my focus and my determination.  I also wanted change really bad.  It’s not just for yourself, you make other people happy when they know that they don’t have to worry about you anymore.

Start some new habits today.  You don’t need to change your whole life immediately, just bit by bit try to change a bad habit for a good one.

Ways to combat cravings and change bad habits:

Physical activity – ie: going for a walk.


Reading a book.

Treating yourself to a massage.

Do a creative project.

Watch a film.


Get yourself a hobby.

Hang out with friends.

Call a friend and listen to them talk about their day.

Start writing in a journal.


Instead of making food the focus of a gathering, play cards or a board game together.

Get into the habit of doing some kind of physical activity after any large meal.  It increases the metabolism and makes weightloss easier.

Try these links for more hints:

Seven Habits of Weightloss

Zen Habits

The list is endless, be creative.


In other news, I was sort of watching the Biggest Loser last night.  “Sort of,” because I was doing stuff on the net and had the telly on mute.  I noticed a contestant that I thought I knew, then I looked again and her name and age appeared on the screen.   It was her, a girl I went to highschool with.  I hope she does well and wins or at least learns a whole lot of interesting things about her limits etc.  I also saw the girl that advertises the Celebrity Slim products at the shopping centre today.  Strange coincidences hey?



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10 responses to “Habits

  1. Laura

    also i found cooking habits , i cook my own meals now but living at home can be annoying you should see what my mum cooks , everything in oil , roast with think crackle, big breakfasts with fatty bacon , vegies boiled to there mesh , steak with chips its like living in the house of 1940’s cooking and typical house wife style cooking that you see in that movie shirley valentine. but the bad thing is mum just thinks aww its home cooked food she doesn’t know how bad it is for you she doesn’t know anything about nutrition sure she knows food groups like meat and dairy but she doesn’t know that saturated fats & omega 3 is out there . wish my mum cooked meddertarian least thats more healthier life style.

  2. Ah, our mothers, we have so much to thank them for… My mum IS Mediteranian and we didn’t get very good servings of food. My mum’s now 64 and in her day, America had a big influence on what we ate. McDonald’s was considered a good/sound alternative and processed foods were new and advertised as time savers. Now we’re all realising health is more important than saving time in the kitchen, or at least we should. I value taste as well. My servings of food are small so whatever I eat HAS to taste good or it’s just not worth eating. I don’t eat for the sake of filling my belly, I eat to nourish my body.

    The recipes I advocate are time consuming but so worth it. I just spent about an hour trying to make my first ever Apple Pie just now. It didn’t work, but now I’ve learnt a few things about Apple PIe. Lol.

    I think it’s important to take away from this… That it’s better to make informed choices about what we feed ourselves, that it’s worth time and effort to know what exactly we’re eating, and how our body is benefiting from consuming it. If it’s only being consumed for pleasure and there are no other benefits then maybe it’s not worth eating.

    The recipe for Apple Pie that I’m going to post is definitely for pleasure and health. Can’t go wrong. : ) Thanks for commenting Laura. xo

  3. Matt Breadbasket

    It’d be interesting to hear about what the hypnotherapy was like. Like, going through it and how it felt…

    • Excellent question. There are quite a few different types to choose from actually. I just wanted a very straight forward kind, sort of clinical but that, as it turns out, is very hard to find. I ended up meeting a really lovely hypnotist who is very spiritual and takes you through something called, “regression therapy,” as well as the hypnotherapy. She gave me some homeopathic drops to take home and also gave me a counselling session. She was pretty awesome, nice and very effective. However I have gone further with my own self hypnotherapy which has deepened and strenghtened the effects of the initial sessions I had.

      During the sessions it was very interesting. You are concious of what’s going on but the person taking you threw it kind of has the control of everything that’s going on. That’s one of the reasons why most people can’t be hypnotised, because they can’t relax enough in front of a stranger. I’m pretty good with these modalities so it worked for me, but I’ve also benefitted greatly from the stuff I did on my own with downloads from the net.

      In my first session there were a lot of tears, but I can’t go into too much detail because it’s just a little too personal. It helped me clear a lot of issues that were holding me back from reaching my goals. It truly changed my life.

      I hope I gave enough detail for you to have an idea there, you’re welcome to ask more questions for clarification.

      If you’re interested in doing it yourself, (I wish I knew about this earlier…) I highly recommend Paul McKenna’s site for downloads. He covers everything you need to reach your goals. http://www.paulmckenna.com

  4. Glenda

    Thanks, I’m going to book an appointment with my Acupuncturist/Homeopath now. I’d forgotten about that! I’ve been too stressed and tired lately to think much.

    • Good on you Glenda. Great to hear from you! Did you check out the links? They have amazing hints on changing bad habits for weightloss. I’m going to do some of them. Not that I need to lose weight, but you can’t rest on your laurels, otherwise you gain it all back again. I just mean maintaining my healthy weight. : )

      Although, your curves do look lovely in a frock. xo

      Don’t stress too much, stress makes weightloss even harder. Try some Yoga too. xo

  5. Glenda

    I’ve just hit a bit of a plateau again. I lost around 20kg in 2000, and have gone slightly up and down since then. I heard a great tip for weight management, which I’ve followed – Don’t wear elastic or drawstring waist clothes. When my fitted waist jeans start feeling a little uncomfortable, it’s back on my diet again. I’ve stopped looking at actual weight ever since I started this, especially with building, landscaping, woodwork etc which puts on a lot of muscle.

    I’d love to be less stressed, but with hubby and #1 son being ill, it’s hard not to be. The stress will reduce a bit with W’s health improving and A moving away to uni.

    You know what’s really hard about keeping my weight stable? A husband who has to eat nearly twice as much as his recommended intake for height and weight just to maintain his weight 🙂

    • Well done on the weightloss! I had no idea, not having seen you in so long.

      Stress is such a bugger. Walking’s a good stress releiver?

      The hubby eating huge amounts of food thing really gets me too. Tony had a sausage roll, meat pie and a vanilla slice for lunch. I had a salad… I was the one who bought it too, so they all must think I throw up or something. I really hate that I buy our food. Sometimes I have to buy mum her cigarettes too. Lol.

      Anyway, it comes down to will power. I’ve had to will myself not to want to eat like Tony and in the end he ended up following the way I eat. Not completely but his servings have certainly gone down. He recently lost 8 kilos. *shrugs* Tugg of war is hard.

  6. Glenda

    I wish I could walk. One of my ankle tendons got hammered by a nasty fall 2 years ago, and it gets stressed if I walk for more than the trip around the grocery store! It will get better eventually, but I just have to wait.

    I wish he could eat like Tony! That would be enough to hospitalise him. Everything he eats has to be strictly controlled for sodium levels. If we work out what’s wrong with him, we may be able to do something more, but at the moment, he’s not going downhill for now, so we’re feeling a tad happier.

    Will power is definitely a good thing! I have to make myself eat regularly or I gain weight. I have so many other things to do I often forget to eat breakfast until after 2pm, so I end up going into starvation mode. I’ve been good today – had brekky at 9ish and lunch at 2.30.

  7. Isn’t it funny how constant eating is the way to go for weightloss??? It keeps the metabolism going which is essential, but we just have to make sure that the things that we’re munching on all day are low fat and low sugar etc.

    Your boys sound like they’re in a bad way. Sorry to hear that. Hope the Doc works out what’s wrong soon. xo

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